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At Osterling Abogados, we have a solid team of professionals whose qualifications, experience and specialised knowledge guarantee the highest ethical and quality standards in the services we provide.

- Arturo enjoys reading, especially historical novels.
- His passion is art in all its expressions.
- Ary plays various sports, especially football.
- He spends his free time watching action and thrillers.
- Playing tennis, cycling, and swimming are her favourite sports.
- She enjoys visiting art galleries, furniture exhibitions and IIWW museums.
- Ximena enjoys running and is passionate about marathons.
- There is not a single minute without music in Gabriel's house.
- He loves listening to and discovering new music as much as he loves playing the ukulele on weekends.
- Joyce enjoys sports (running and swimming) and trx training.
- She loves to dance marinera and enjoys all kinds of artistic expressions.
- José loves to put puzzles together.
-While he is putting them together, time flies by.
- He also takes advantage of these moments to listen to music.
- Mauricio is fond of gastronomy and good drinking.
- He is passionate about progressive rock, jazz and football.
- Rabeth is an inveterate music lover and foodie.
- Not a weekend goes by that he doesn't prepare something for the family, always accompanied by good music.
- Scilia is passionate about travelling and getting to know new cultures.
- She loves gastronomy and ballet.
-Gonzalo enjoys running and immersing himself in reading as his main hobbies.
- Angello is passionate about sports, he enjoys playing football, tennis and running board.
- His new adventure will be climbing a big mountain
- Fernando enjoys sports very much, especially bodybuilding training activities.
- He is passionate about collecting miniature cars and travelling.
- Gosia likes tennis, puzzles and lego.
- Patricia enjoys practising pilates and exploring the world of running.
- She also enjoys putting puzzles together and spending time with her family.
- In her free time, Katherine enjoys reviewing news and information on current affairs, politics, economics and history.
- Sonia enjoys cooking desserts and reading Stephen King books.
- She also loves spending time with her two dogs, travelling and acrobatic gymnastics.
- Daniela enjoys the sea and water sports. She loves outdoor activities.
- Claudia loves exploring different corners of the world and immersing herself in diverse cultures, as well as spending time creating artistic crafts.
- Fernanda especially enjoys music, fashion and beauty pageants.
- Jorge is passionate about football and literary crime novels with legal content. He also enjoys cooking.
- Diego enjoys reading novels, playing and watching basketball games.
- Giulio is a passionate bass player who plays in a rock band and is also a keen amateur chef studying Peruvian and international cuisine.

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